Thursday, September 22, 2011


So here we are the start of a brand new day, one in which everything you (by ‘you’, I mean me) have ever hated is broken down into its finest, most repulsive, shit-stained pieces and analysed for the good of humorous content. As this is a new blog, I will start with a particularly good topic for discussion. Me.

So this is me. I am an educated, sometimes egotistic Australian university student who thinks the world of himself and not much of many other things. I am held in the balance of daily activities all aimed at making me the me I want to be. I work out…have done for weeks now (obviously), I play sport, I attend university and I work in my ‘spare’ time.

Ironic really that I should talk about myself in a place dedicated to all the shit that turns my blood to a thickened black paste, but the truth of the matter is that even I piss myself off. Funny that.

In any case, welcome to my new internet real estate. Crack open a beer, take a seat and enjoy the ride. Try not to be offended – I will often sound cynical, self-centred and harsh but please know that I am generally the opposite…when it comes down to things not mentioned here.

If you relate to any subject matter I plan on discussing on this page in the future, please take this as a fuck you in advance …so fuck you in advance. In any case I have shit to attend to, so stay tuned for the first in the ‘If you do this…’ series.

First person to follow will be personally invited to my place of residence with the once in a lifetime opportunity to kiss my perfect ass.



  1. haha way to get a first follower. Did you count yourself?

    I will wait to see who gets to kiss your ass :)

  2. Yes I do count myself...lucky me?

  3. This will be a funny blog. It is about time you started expressing yourself.

  4. I wanted to add more to this post. But your words are spot on.
    "... who thinks the world of himself ...", can't be more honest than that. =)
    Nice start mate!

  5. So when you kiss your own arse will their be pictures ?

  6. Furree: You make me blush...

    Psycho: There are probably good and bad things to be said about people who think that way haha

    DCG: They are for my own personal viewing pleasure...sorry.