Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook - Updated with Video!

I’m not here to whinge about Facebook. I don’t pay shit to use it – I feel no obligation to use it, and who am I to complain about a free service? It is two things that fuck me to no end when it comes to Facebook.

1. People who do whinge about Facebook

Seriously, we are aware that Facebook changes things…it’s what meant it out-dated Myspace. So shut your fucking mouth and deal with the day it takes to get your brain around all the changes that ruin your useless lives. Get over it and find something worth worrying about – first world issue if ever I have seen one.

2. People who ‘like’ every fucking page

I like pages on Facebook, maybe once every couple of days if I see one that relates to me in a way that makes me laugh or can be linked to some sort of inside joke I have with friends. But to those people that like every shit damn page that might relate to you in some way – FUCK YOUR FACE. Here are a few examples to prove my point:

I'm not weird, I'm limited edition.

No, fuck off. You are weird

The awkward moment when you finish a TV series and don't know what to do with your life anymore.

So you presumably started watching said TV show in order to alleviate boredom, and now it has ended and not only has the boredom returned, but you no longer know how to continue living? Maybe do us the liberty of alleviating yourself from the gene pool.

Like if you know someone who needs a smack in the face with a shovel.

Yeah, yourself...dickhead...

Not wearing condoms because the world needs more people like you.

We will agree to disagree. Although I feel this particular page does in some way relate to me. Might go like that one now and become one of those fuckwits I despise.

Facebook is a wonderful utility, but it is dickheads like these that make the whole experience an excruciating one, analogous to having your tongue pulled from your mouth...or something terrible.

Here is a video

- Nick


  1. 'No, fuck off. You are weird.'

    YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH A LAUGHED AT THAT LOLOLOL. i like this new blog of yours. following!

  2. LOL!
    Here's some Latin. Fac ut gaudeam. (Make my day.)

  3. Furree: Glad it fulfilled its purpose! :)

    Psycho: Thank you, I believe I did.

  4. Facebook is free, yes. But they're a social network at that; and if they're going to ignore everything their users say, and continue to change things that don't need to be changed, and are usually incredibly redundant, then we have a right to complain :P

    In doing this, they'll just lose all of their users. They're going fast.

  5. Tiana: I am having a go at people, not the service itself =P

    Bring me: Thanks!

    Amp: Be careful or you will become the subject of a post =P

  6. Omg just read it better and I have to say I still am not sure what everyone is so mad at. They change it and like to seconds later people get mad when they probably dont even take the time out to check it out. I happen to like the new facebook and hope they make new changes like color and backgrounds like twitter has.

    And people that like everything is so odd but I have to say I think i am one of those people that click like on everything just to be nice and such

  7. Cool blog. I like that you post videos too. Very true about facebook. I only go on to scrabble, once a week ish. All of those stats that are like "I just got home from the mall. What a busy day!" Really tick me off. I know these people are my "friends," but still.

  8. Tiana: I see your point, but tbh some of the changes are irritating (hippocracy!)...but its not like they worry me for very long anyway...

    Amelia: Cheers :) Exactly what I mean...I mean why let the world know you just spent half an hour on the toilet?

  9. I have a friend who updates her status all day long. Drives me nuts!!
    "____ is having breakfast"
    "____ is about to have a shower"
    "____ is taking the dog for a walk"
    "____ is going shopping"
    "____ is at the shops"

    Arrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh STFU!!! No-one cares!!

    I've only ever 'liked' one thing which says: Some people are like clouds, once they fuck off it's a great day.

  10. "The awkward moment when you finish a TV series and don't know what to do with your life anymore." -- hah. thanks for summing me up! :c