Friday, September 30, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo.

Out of all the individuals that appear on this page, consider this transcendent to them all. This guy (I use the word ‘guy’ very loosely here) is just incredible.

I will just say quickly that I think he is an excellent footballer and most of his football-related silverware is more than deserved.

That being said – the guy is a cunt.

Just an example of a few headlines that have graced magazine covers over the past few years:

'I am the first, second and third best player in the world' – Who the fuck does this bloke think he is…strap yourself to the bed and come down from whatever planet you’re fucking living on you shitstain.

I am a god – nope, you play football. Please realise this before you start expecting a clergy and ritual sacrifices dedicated to you. Arrogant piece of ballskin. Kenny Dalglish is a god, and most other Liverpool supporters will agree that its mostly because of what he did off the field...even if he would have laid your sorry little ass out on the field.

'Fans whistle me because I’m good looking, rich, and a great footballer' – no, fans whistle you because you’re a piece of shit. Maybe if the product in your

hair wasn’t still visible at the end of games, people might take you seriously as a person.

Not only that, but he played for arguably the most annoying club on the face of the planet…luckily they have since proved that he wasn’t all that much use to them anyway. Still hate the fucking mancs. Tell your mate Nani that he is overdue for a tantrum…pathetic little bitch.

So in rounding, I quite honestly despise the balls off this guy. He is a weak, attention whore who spends far too much time working out his right forearm. He is in a position of example and his abuse of it is plain ridiculous.

Sort your shit out Cristiano, or if need be I will personally arrange for it to be sorted out for you. Don’t doubt me.

I’m out.



  1. Seething post! Albeit I totally understand. =)

  2. Awesome post! I especially like the label: "I fucking hate cristiano ronaldo".

  3. Psycho: You understand better than anyone ;)

    Krouth: When I write my posts I always put more effort into the labels than the actual content of the post itself...thanks for noticing :)

  4. Nearly as self centered as one of my friends...did not think it was possible. Totally agree with your label.